Why is My AC So Loud?

Why is My AC So Loud?

During the warmer months of the year, your air conditioner essentially becomes your best friend. However, while you obviously want it to provide you with some cooling relief, you don’t want it to operate so loudly that you have to almost max out the volume on your television. A super noisy AC is not something you’ll want to ignore, so here are a few reasons your AC is so loud.

It’s Old

First and foremost, ask yourself when your AC was first installed. If it’s been over 10 years, your system won’t function as efficiently, and that could be why it’s so loud when it cycles on. Just like an older car makes a lot more sound when it runs, an old air conditioning unit is anything but quiet. Your best option here is likely to install a new unit operate much more quietly.

The Coils are Dirty

The coils and fins in your air conditioning unit need to be kept clean if you want to avoid having a noisy sister. On a regular basis, inspect the coils and fins and clean them of any debris or dirt. You should also check to see if the bins are straight — bent fins can also make for a noise unit.

Loose Parts

Over time, parts can become loose or detached inside your unit and bang and rattle around when your air conditioner cycles on. The best way to check if this is the problem is to have your unit inspected. If loose parts are the culprit, your HVAC technician can make the repairs necessary to ensure you have a quieter unit.

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