Why You Need to Maintain Your Heater

Why You Need to Maintain Your Heater

Any good HVAC company will tell you that proper maintenance is the key to a comfortable home and well-functioning heating system. However, there’s a lot more to it than just that. You need to maintain your heater for a number of reasons that go beyond just general comfort.

Why You Need to Maintain Your Heater

Your System Will Last Longer

When your system is properly maintained, it can last for years longer than units whose maintenance is ignored. We’re not just saying that — the Department of Energy has even confirmed that proper maintenance can extend the life of your boiler or furnace. And the longer your unit lasts, the less money you have to spend on getting a new one.

You Can Catch Issues Sooner

If there is something wrong with your heating system, such as loose wiring or dirty coils, that can be spotted and fixed during a routine maintenance check. Not only will that prevent the issues from becoming more serious later on, but it can save you money in repairs in the future.

You Can Keep Your Warranty

A lot of warranties have a clause that states that, if your unit wasn’t properly maintained over time, it’s no longer covered under the warranty. You’re better off paying a bit for a maintenance check than paying completely out of pocket to replace a broken down unit.

You’ll Have Better Safety

Gas furnaces run the potential risk of releasing carbon monoxide gas into your home if it’s damaged. You can reduce that risk by having the furnace properly maintained and catching any potential issue before it gets too dangerous.

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