Why You Should Never Buy Store-Bought Cleaning Products

Why You Should Never Buy Store-Bought Cleaning Products

As a parent, we’re sure you want to do everything possible to keep your children and the rest of your family safe and healthy. While you may think that means making sure they wear their helmets on their bicycles and live in a clean environment, there’s a bit more to it. What if we told you that the store-bought cleaning products you think help keep them in a clean home might be doing more harm than good to your family? Just look what’s inside the ones you probably have in your home right now!

In Your Air Fresheners

More often than not, cleaning products that are labeled as “fragranced” contain phthalates, chemicals that are known to be harmful to your lungs and can cause asthma as well as digestive problems.

In Your Carpet Cleaner

Many carpet and spot cleaners contain perc, a neurotoxin that is classified as a carcinogen by the EPA. Exposure to this chemical can cause dizziness and the loss of coordination.

In Your Soaps

While you may think using antibacterial soap is a good thing, many of these products contain triclosan. While this antibacterial agent kills harmful germs, it can also cause your body to develop a resistance to antibiotics that it needs.

In Your Multi-Purpose Cleaners

A key ingredient in many multi-purpose cleaners is 2-butoxyethanol, a solvent that has been known to cause sore throats as well as narcosis and severe liver and kidney damage when you’re exposed to it at high levels.

In Your Polishing Agents

Many glass cleaners contain ammonia which is a very strong irritant. Ammonia’s odor can affect someone almost instantly and cause chronic bronchitis and asthma if a person is exposed to it for a long period of time.

In your Oven Cleaners

Sodium hydroxide, commonly known as lye, is found in most oven cleaners and drain openers and is extremely corrosive. It can cause severe burns when it touches your skin or gets in your eyes and can cause painful sore throats if inhaled.

In order to keep your family safe from its dangerous ingredients, we suggest using homemade cleaning products that don’t contain harmful elements. You should also invest in air filtration systems to keep the air in your home as clean as possible.

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