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Heating Services in Heating

Quality Heating Repairs, Installations & Maintenance in Heating
Your heating system is an important element in your home. When it breaks down or fails to work as efficiently as it should, you need professional service, fast. At Wahl Family Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we proudly offer reliable, long-lasting heating solutions for homeowners throughout Heating. Whether you need new unit installation, minor repairs, or comprehensive system replacement, you can count on our highly trained team to get the job done. We even offer 24-hour emergency services for heating problems that just can’t wait!
Need heating services in Heating & surrounding counties? Contact our HVAC company at 1-855-438-9245 to schedule your service today! You may also click inside of this block to call.
Heating Services We Offer
At Wahl Family Heating, Cooling & Plumbing, we are well-equipped to handle a full range of heating services for all types of systems. Our technicians can assist you with everything from gas and oil furnaces to electric heating systems, boilers and more!

Our Heating heating services include the following and more:
  • Heating unit repair
  • System renovations and heat exchanger replacements
  • Heating unit installations – replacements and add-on’s
  • Tune-ups and system checks
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Emergency repairs
  • Gas leak repairs
  • Ductwork design and modification
  • Boiler and hot water heat renovation and repair
We are happy to install, repair, replace, or tune-up the following types of heating equipment and more:
  • Gas, propane, and oil furnaces
  • Hot water and steam boilers
  • Hydronic heat
  • Heat pumps
  • Air handlers
  • Attic systems
  • Electric furnaces
  • Mobile home units
  • Wall heaters
  • Packaged units / Light commercial

Don’t Just Fix the Unit, Solve the Problem

When a heating unit breaks down there is almost always a reason for the unit failure above and beyond a failed part. In fact, sometimes units shut themselves down to protect themselves from getting overheated. While changing a part might temporarily get the heat back on, there could be underlying problems that will cause the unit to break down again and again. At Wahl, we don’t believe in throwing good money away which is why our technicians aren’t “part changers” they’re “problem solvers.” We’ll complete a thorough inspection on your heating system to find, not only the failed component but also the reason for failure. Best of all, there is never any charge above and beyond the upfront quoted service fee without your express written consent. We’ll provide you with a menu of repair options complete with pricing and warranty information so that you can make the decision as to which option works best for you! Now that’s a 5-Star service that you can count on! Don’t forget to take a look at running promotions for the best deal possible.

The Professionals at Wahl Protect Your Family and Your Investment

From the air you breathe to the water you drink, your heating, cooling, and water heating equipment directly affect the health of your home. When installed and functioning properly your system allows you to have a comfortable and safe indoor climate all year long. If installed improperly or left unmaintained that same equipment can be unsafe, hazardous, or even downright dangerous. Unit drains and hoses can clog or burst resulting in minor to major property damage. Gas appliances can leak gas or emit poisonous carbon monoxide. Backflow on water lines can result in unsafe drinking and bathing water. Thermal expansion at your water heater or hot water boiler can result in scalding or even explosions! The good news is that all of these unwanted emergencies can be easily prevented which is why the experts at Wahl provide a free safety inspection with every visit. We’ll make sure that your system isn’t just operating but that it’s running safely! We check for proper combustion and venting of gas appliances, for leaks, loose electrical connections, proper and operational safety shut-offs, and more! We’ll let you know how to prevent emergency and potentially dangerous situations from happening before they come up because your health and safety and that of your system are our top priority.

Meet the Technician

We can introduce you to the technician who will be coming to your home before they arrive by sending you an emailed photo and profile of the person that we’ll be sending out. You’ll learn more about their industry experience and receive an easy link to use to provide us with feedback about your experience. We always strive to provide a 5-star service and your feedback is an invaluable way for us to continue improving our services.

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