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Here Are Some of The Most Common Signs You Have an AC Problem

  • The AC unit is freezing: This can be caused by low air flow, a broken blower fan, or a lack of refrigerant.
  • Your AC will not turn on: Before you call a technician, check your air filter and the batteries. Check your circuit breaker in case you blew a fuse. Be sure to also check the thermostat.
  • The condenser is dirty: Many people experience problems with their AC unit because there is dirt or debris around the outdoor condenser. Always keep bushes and plants clear from this area.
  • Water is puddling around the unit: You may have a disconnected tube failing to remove water. The unit is possibly running inefficiently and requires repairs.
  • The AC unit is running nonstop: This is a problem that may require professional attention because there are many possible causes. Your unit could be too small. You could have air leaks in your ductwork. The unit could be old and ready for replacement. Etc.
  • Air coming out of the unit smells bad: This can be caused by mold on the evaporator coils or in your ductwork. There could also be an issue with your drain line that is creating standing water.

Here are some common sounds to watch out for:

Reasons Why We Recommend Leaving AC Repairs to a Professional

  • DIY repairs are not safe: The complexity of an AC unit could easily lead to injury from an electrical problem or a moving fan blade.
  • You risk voiding the warranty: DIY AC repairs can result in voiding a warranty if the warranty stipulates that all repairs must be done by a professional
  • Fixes are not always simple: While some fixes like replacing an AC filter is something that anyone can do, one should always be careful not to end up damaging a unit more by failing to diagnose a bigger problem.

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Regardless of what is going on with your AC system, we know that it is important to have an air conditioner you can rely on. When your AC fails to keep you and your family cool, you can rely on our family owned and operated company to assist you. Our AC repair and installation company has been given an A+ rating by the BBB and our customers know us to be dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service and workmanship.

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