Air Purifiers vs. Air Filters

Air Purifiers vs. Air Filters

When it comes to the air that you and your family breathe, it’s no surprise that you would want it to be as clean and pure as possible. After all, dirty air can lead to a number of health issues that we’re sure you would like to avoid.

Often times, homeowners can get a little confused when it comes to the tools and systems used to keep your homes are clean: namely, air filters and air purifiers. Although they both help improve your air quality, these two items are not the same, and it’s important to understand the difference in order to use them properly.

What is an Air Filter?

An air filter is a screen that goes inside your HVAC unit to catch dust, pollen, dirt, and other materials before they have a chance to make their way into your system. While they do help remove harmful particles from the air, their main job is to keep your system clean in order to avoid any buildup that could lead to a breakdown.

What is an Air Purifier?

An air purifier stands on its own or is added to your HVAC system in order to remove harmful particles in your air and improve your air quality. Unlike a filter, an air purifier pulls particles directly from different areas of your home, not from in front of your HVAC system.

Should I Add an Air Purifier to My Home?

If you want to ensure your air quality is as high as it can be as well as reduce allergens in your home, yes. An air purifier is better able to grab smaller, even microscopic, particles that an air filter is unable to catch, giving you cleaner air to breathe.


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