August Is Water Quality Month

August Is Water Quality Month

Happy Water Quality Month! Since the temperatures are still hot, August is the time of year where many people are enjoying recreation activities involving water–you swim, you drink more, and taking multiple showers to cool off are the norm. But what you may not know is that many large bodies of water are threatened every day by increasing water pollution. It’s important to take care of our environment so we have clean drinking water and our sea life doesn’t suffer. Here are some things you can do to protect our country’s water supply:

Be Careful What You Flush: Don’t flush unwanted or expired medications down the drain! Pharmaceuticals are harmful to our water supply and can do lots of damage to our environment.

Steer Clear Of Antibacterial Soaps: Many types of antibacterial soaps contain a registered pesticide that is harmful to marine life. It’s also important to steer clear of soaps and washes that contain microbeads, which are currently banned in the US. These tiny particles don’t dissolve, entering our water streams by the billions!

Avoid Pesticides and Fertilizers: These can sink into the ground and pollute the water. They’re also harmful to your pets if they get on their skin.

No Dumping: Don’t dump anything down storm drains, as it can carry to local waterways and infect our drinking water. It’s important to clean up after your pets, as their waste can run down the storm drains and be potentially hazardous.

Help protect our water supply by making these small steps a part of your daily routine.To learn more about how you help keep your water supply clean, visit here.
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