Best Way to Keep Your Pets Cool

Best Way to Keep Your Pets Cool

If you’re like most people, your pet isn’t just another tenant in your home, he’s your family. Just like you want your children, spouse, or other family members to feel perfectly comfortable in your home, you should want the same for your pets. During the warmer months, that includes finding the best ways to keep your pets cool all day long.

Provide Plenty of Water

The very first thing you should do to ensure your pets are always cool, and hydrated, is to provide them with plenty of fresh water. Especially after walks or other outdoor activities, your pet will need to drink a good amount of water to cool themselves down rehydrate themselves.

Give Them a Pool

We’re not saying to install a deep, in-ground pool in your yard just for your pet to use, but it’s often beneficial to give them a small kiddie pool to play in during the warmer months. By filling the pool with cold water from your yard hose, your pet will have a space to play and cool down while still being able to enjoy the summer weather.

Keep Them Well-Groomed

Especially for pets with longer fur, proper grooming is a must for summer. use the proper tools to help them shed any undercoats, and have your groomer give your pet a “summer cut” so their fur doesn’t cause them to overheat.

Keep the AC On

You may be tempted to have your AC off during the day when no humans are home, but that can be uncomfortable, and potentially dangerous for your fur babies. If your house becomes too warm during the day, your pets can quickly become too warm. You’re better off having your air conditioning cycle on during the day enjoy your pet is cool answers.

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