How Can You Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Home?

How Can You Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at Home?

Carbon Monoxide is a dangerous, odorless gas. Hundreds of people die each year from accidental CO poisoning. That’s why it’s so important that families take steps to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning now that the weather has started to cool.

As a homeowner, how do you prevent carbon monoxide poisoning?

1. If you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector installed, you should install one this year. These detectors alert you to when the colorless and odorless gas is present in your home. If you already have a detector installed, you should check your batteries to make sure that the detector is in working order.

2. You should schedule your annual heating tune-up. During a tune-up, we check for carbon monoxide and gas leaks. This safety inspection helps identify potential problems with your heating system before the heating season begins.

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