How Long Does a Window AC Unit Last?

How Long Does a Window AC Unit Last?

Window AC units are an easy, user-friendly way to keep your home cool in the summer. But you’d be surprised how many homeowners don’t think about their unit’s lifespan, simply because they think of it more as a single appliance rather than a full cooling system.

If you want to keep cool and keep your energy bills low, you need to know how long your unit is meant to last.

How Long Does a Window AC Unit Last?

Well, it depends. A unit can last anywhere between 5 to 15 years depending on how you use it. A few factors will affect your window AC’s lifespan, such as:

How You Sized It

If you’re using a small window unit to cool a large room, it will have to work very hard to achieve a comfortable temperature. All that extra effort can knock a few years off its lifespan, forcing you to replace the unit sooner than expected.

How You Maintain It

If you let your window AC run for months without cleaning the filter or the evaporator coils, it’s going to die on you much sooner. You need to perform proper maintenance on your unit in order to keep it running in good condition.

How You Run It

Running your unit on the lowest temperature and highest temperature possible is a sure-fire way to cause it to burn out earlier than you planned. You need to give the unit a break in order to keep it around. Plus, running it so much will likely put a huge strain on your energy bill.

How You Store It

If you store your window unit away during the colder months, you need to make sure it’s safe from harm. There’s nothing like going to get it at the start of summer only to realize it has water damage or has been crushed by other things in your garage.

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