How Residential HVAC Systems Differ from Commercial Systems

How Residential HVAC Systems Differ from Commercial Systems

The single lamp you use in your home couldn’t be used to light a football stadium, right? To light such a huge space, you need thousands of bulbs working together. Even if they serve the same purpose, those systems are created differently in order to properly serve their purpose. The same is true when it comes to heating and cooling. That’s why residential HVAC systems differ from commercial systems.

How Residential HVAC Systems Differ from Commercial Systems

The Structure

  • Residential Spaces: Most residential spaces use a split system that has the evaporator coils and blower inside and the condenser coils and compressor outside.
  • Commercial Spaces: Commercial HVAC systems have all the necessary components packaged together in large, self-contained cabinets.

The Location

  • Residential Spaces: Personal HVAC systems can be located outside and inside on the ground floor and first floor of a home.
  • Commercial Spaces: These units are usually on rooftops in order to keep noise pollution out of the building.

The Capacity

  • Residential Spaces: These units are made to cover specific areas and cannot be altered. Once they’re made, their capacities are set.
  • Commercial Spaces: These systems are designed to allow extra heating and cooling power to be added to them if need be.

The Moisture Control

  • Residential Spaces: Residential systems simply use a small pan to collect the condensation produced during its cycles.
  • Commercial Spaces: Since they cover such a large area, commercial HVAC systems produce a ton of condensation and need their own intense drainage systems to get rid of the moisture.

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