How to Cool a Room Quickly

How to Cool a Room Quickly

One of the worst things that can happen to your home, during the warmer months, is your air conditioner breaking down unexpectedly. While you can definitely call your local HVAC technician for an emergency AC repair, in the meantime, here are some things you can do to cool down a room quickly.

Close the Shades

If the sun is beating down on your home, all that excessive heat can make a room pretty warm. To deflect the climbing temperature, close the drapes/blinds to block out the harsh rays. Additionally, by doing this, a closed window treatment will help reflect the sunlight out of your home and prevent excess heat from coming back in.

Turn on Your Fans

While ceiling fans don’t actually cool a room, they do help move the air around to make a room feel less stuffy. To reap the benefits of your ceiling fan, make sure to set your fan to spin counter-clockwise. This will help push the air down and around your room, making it bearable in a matter of minutes.

Use Your Exhaust Fans

When you’re without air conditioning, it would be best to avoid using your oven or stove entirely, since they pump more heat back into your home. But since you can’t always avoid doing so, make sure you use your exhaust fans to suck out that excess heat.

Keep the Lights Off

You may not think so, but your light bulbs actually give off heat, especially if you’re using halogen bulbs. To keep your home a tad cooler, keep all the lights off unless you really need to have them on.

Keep Your Windows Closed

You may be tempted to open some windows to get a breeze in, but by doing so, you’re actually letting hot air in as well. When your AC does turn back on, it’ll take much longer (and it will have to work harder) to get rid of the higher humidity and temperature. Just remember this: it’s best to keep your windows closed until your AC is repaired.

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