How to Keep My Home Cozy this Winter


How to Keep My Home Cozy this Winter

How to Keep My Home Cozy this Winter

Does the chilly weather have your house cold and bills rising? Here at Wahl Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing located in Central Pittsburgh, we know what a cold winter feels like and how to survive it. That is why we want you to know about the thermostat because it will bring you the most comfort! The best holiday gift for a homeowner during this cold, wintery December is Honeywell’s Wi-fi thermostat. If you are looking for an upgrade to help make your home more comfortable, then search no further. The T10 Pro Smart Thermostat uses smart sensors to detect temperature and humidity, creating a cozier home for you. This convenient, high-end thermostat is efficient and effective.

Less Wear and Tear to Your HVAC System

Your heating and cooling devices work hard to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. As these systems age, the higher your bills will be and the less comfortable your home will feel. Automated thermostats will help to decrease the workload for your typical HVAC equipment. Your new Wi-fi thermostat will help regulate the workload preventing serious damage to the heating and cooling systems. A programmable thermostat is going to be more efficient for your house and help optimize your systems to give you maximum comfort.

Traveling For The Holidays

When leaving your home for an extended period of time, it is best to utilize your programmable thermostat. Wi-fi technology is a brilliant tool to use while traveling since you can make changes to your thermostat from anywhere. Being able to remotely alter your thermostat is going to help you each month. You can keep your temperatures low enough and still come home to a comfortable temperature just by a click of a button on your phone. 

Why Wahl Can Solve Your Problems

As you can see, Wahl is focused on providing you with the best comfort in your home. We hope that our tips on keeping your home cozier with more efficient technology were helpful! There are many benefits to upgrading to Honeywell’s Wi-fi thermostat this season. Our HVAC professionals are well-equipped to install these to help you feel comfortable in your home. Make it your resolution to be cozy all year long with a new thermostat. Contact Wahl Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing today to have one of our professionals set up the best holiday gift you will get this year!