How To Keep Your Ac Unit From Overflowing

How To Keep Your Ac Unit From Overflowing

Air conditioning systems are designed to remove heat and humidity from your home. This makes your house more comfortable on hot days, but where does the moisture go?

Many people mistake condensation on the air conditioning unit as a sign that the unit is working. However, this actually indicates that there is a problem with your air conditioning unit. When your line is clogged, you might see water dripping from the overflow drain.

Here are a few ways to keep water from overflowing into your home:

  • Wet Switch – This switch is placed inside of the overflow pan so that when it becomes filled with water, the switch will shut down your unit so that no more condensation will form.
  • EZ Trap – This is installed directly to the primary drain line. When engaged, power will be cut off to the air conditioning unit. When the water drains, the air conditioner will turn back on.

These protective methods are a great way to keep your unit from overflowing into your home. You should also have your unit checked each year during your annual tune up to see if there are any AC problems.

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