How to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

How to Keep Your Kitchen Organized

One of the most important rooms to keep organized in your home is your kitchen. After all, that one space is constantly filled with hungry family members, raw food, and (if you’re like most people) a lot of paperwork and other clutter.


In order to keep this essential room running like a well-oiled machine, here are a few ways you can keep the space organized and combined form with function.

Watch Your Plastic Collection

Whether you purchase them at the store or hold on to them after ordering takeout, your cabinets are probably filled with numerous plastic storage containers. While they definitely serve a function, if you begin to notice that you’re struggling to find matching lids and you experienced an avalanche of plastic every time you open the cupboard, it’s time to cut down. Make pairs of what lid fits with each container, and whatever doesn’t have a match, toss into the recycle.

Clean Out Your Fridge

We all know how easy it is to toss leftovers into the fridge and forget about them — and that can leave you scouring your fridge to find a single condiment behind all the takeout containers. Once a week, clean out your fridge and get rid of anything that has spoiled. This will keep the space clear and avoid any potential mold that could grow on forgotten food.

Use Organization Tools

Place dividers in drawers to keep forks, spoons, and knives organized; hang cooking utensils from small hooks to allow for easy access and more counter space; and assign specific cabinets for storing small appliances.


Once your kitchen is organized, make sure the rest of the space is in tip-top shape. For all of your HVAC and plumbing needs in Pittsburgh & the surrounding areas, just call Wahl!