How to Keep Your Sunroom Cool

How to Keep Your Sunroom Cool

A sunroom can offer a number of benefits to any home. It’s additional space to relax with family, offers a place to grow flowers and other plants, and is a cheaper way to add an extension to your home.

Thing is, when the temperature outside is high, your sunroom can feel more like a boiler room with all the heat trapped inside it. But don’t worry! There are a few things you can do to keep your sunroom cool and enjoy it during the summer.

Install Blinds

While it may be initially expensive to install blinds in a sunroom, they can help make a big difference in controlling the temperature in the room — especially if your windows are insulated. Having blinds and keeping them closed when the sun is facing your sunroom can block out extra heat and keep the room cooler.

Choose Windows That Open

One of the reason sunrooms get so hot is because most windows aren’t designed to open. This is more something you would do during the installation process, but choosing windows that open can allow for fresh air to flow through the room and help it feel cooler than a sunroom with no ventilation.

Utilize Vents

Having even just a few vents in your sunroom can make a world of difference in how hot the room feels. Any room without ventilation causes the air to feel stiff and hot — but having a sunroom with open vents allows air to flow freely and heat the escape from that space — making the room feel much less stifling and hot.

Install an AC

Putting a ductless AC unit in your sunroom can seriously decrease how hot the room feels, and since ductless units are easily installable, you won’t have to make too drastic of changes to the room. If you do install an AC, it’s best to also install those blinds to block out extra sunlight that would otherwise add extra heat to the room and counteract your AC’s efforts.

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