How to Operate Space Heaters Safely

How to Operate Space Heaters Safely

Winter nights can get cold. While some homeowners rely on space heaters to keep cool basements and other rooms warm, it’s important to operate them safely. If not used correctly, space heaters can be a serious fire hazard.

These tips will help you operate your space heater safely this winter.

Safe Heater Safety Tips:

  • Choose the Right Size – Choose the right heater size for the room you are looking to use the space heater in. Don’t purchase an oversized heater!
  • Choose the Right Location – Place your space heater on a level surface, away from anywhere where a family member might hit into it or knock it over. Be especially careful around children and pets!
  • Turn It Off Before You Leave – Never run your space heater while you’re not home. Turn it off before you head out to the store, work, etc.
  • Check Your Smoke Alarms – Make sure that your batteries in your smoke alarms and detectors are up-to-date. Install working smoke alarms on all levels of your home, as a precaution.

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