How to Properly Clean Your Dryer Vents

How to Properly Clean Your Dryer Vents

Imagine if, every time you did a load of laundry, you had to hang everything on a line outside and wait hours for the sun to dry all of your clothes. While you may do that currently for a few particular items, you likely consider yourself lucky to not have to do that with every piece of laundry.


However, if you’re not careful and care for your dryer properly, you may find yourself without it entirely.


So what’s the main way you need to care for your dryer? Clean the vents…the right way.

How to Clean Your Dryer Vents Properly

Clear the Lint Screen Each Time

You know that small lint screen that collects all the little fuzzies that come off your clothing as they dry? It needs to be clean every, single time you do a load of laundry. Every. Time. If it’s not, it will cut off the airflow that the unit needs to properly function and cause the unit to malfunction or even start a fire.

Vacuum Out the Trap Housing

Once you’ve removed and cleaned the lint trap, use a special attachment to vacuum out any lint that may be stuck in the trap housing. This is important since lint can easily fall off the screen and find itself lodged in the housing where you’re unable to normally reach it.

Clean Out the Ducts

This is a bit more challenging, but it’s extremely essential. Disconnect the dryer vent and use a duct brush to pull out all of the built-up lint and debris that is stuck in there. This should be done at least twice a year to ensure your unit doesn’t have blocked airflow and can run efficiently.


Just like your dryer unit needs to have proper airflow and maintenance, so does your HVAC unit. If you’re in need of help or repairs in Pittsburgh or the surrounding areas, trust the expert team at Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing for all your HVAC needs!