How to Tell If Your AC is Frozen

How to Tell If Your AC is Frozen

As it continues to work hard to keep you cool in the summer weather, you should be monitoring your air conditioning unit to ensure it’s functioning in good shape and isn’t experiencing any problems. One of the most common issues that your air conditioner can experience is freezing – but it’s also not always the easiest issue to catch right away.

These are some signs that can help you determine if your AC is frozen.

  • Check the air filter to see if it is dirty
  • Check the coils for dirt
  • Look inside the unit for ice on the tubing
  • If there is ice, shut off the unit until it dries
  • See if the system runs normally
  • If it does not, contact an AC contractor

It’s Blowing Warm Air

This is probably the symptom you’ll notice first. If you go near your vents and feel that warm air is being pumped out of them, there is a chance that components in your AC have frozen and are unable to properly cool air for your home. From here, you’ll want to inspect a few areas to ensure the problem isn’t caused by something else.

Check Your Air Filters

A dirty air filter can inhibit the airflow in your air conditioner – which can cause your unit to blow warm air. Replace the filter to restore the proper airflow and prevent any parts of your unit from freezing.

Check the Coils

The same way a dirty air filter can interrupt the unit’s airflow, dirty evaporator or condenser coils can as well. Clean any dirt or grime off the coils in order to restore airflow.

Look for Ice

If neither the filter or coils are the cause of the warm air, look inside your unit for any icy tubing – it will likely be very apparent. If you see ice in the unit, you’ll need to turn your air conditioner off and allow the ice to thaw before you’re able to have a properly-functioning unit again.

Look for Leaks

If any part of your unit has frozen, the excess condensation your AC produces won’t be able to properly drain – which will likely result in some leaking from your unit. Check the area around your unit for any signs of water damage. If you spot any, you’ll want to have an AC technician come thaw and repair your unit.

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