Is Bleach Safe for My Plumbing?

Is Bleach Safe for My Plumbing?

When it comes to cleaning, bleach has long been known as a powerful agent that can get anything from laundry to lawn chairs clean. This has lead some homeowners to use bleach to clear clogged drains or make their sinks sparkle — but we’re here to tell that that’s not a great idea.

In fact, while you may have assumed bleach was safe to use for your plumbing, the opposite is actually true. Here’s why.

Bleach Doesn’t Actually Unclog Pipes

If you are pouring bleach down a drain in an effort to remove a stubborn clog, you’re going to wind up disappointed. Bleach doesn’t contain any ingredients that break down gunk in your pipes. All it really does is pass through your plumbing and coat the clog in more goo.

If you’re looking to get rid of a clog, you’re better off using enzyme-based or natural DIY drain cleaner solutions to get the job done.

Bleach Contains Harsh Chemicals

There’s a reason bleach carries that harsh smell and can often get even the toughest stains out of your white clothes. It’s fun of harsh chemicals that break down materials it’s used on. If you’re constantly pouring down your drains or using pure bleach to scrub your fixtures, you can corrode them and cause them to malfunction.

Can I Use Bleach for My Plumbing At All?

Yes. You don’t have to keep bleach away from your plumbing entirely, but you do have to dilute it before using it. Mixing a small amount of bleach into water can still provide the same cleaning effects without putting too harsh of a solution into your pipes.

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