Keeping Your Pipes in Top Shape

Keeping Your Pipes in Top Shape

For the most part, pipes do their job so discretely, it’s easy to forget about them altogether. It’s not until one breaks or cracks that we realize just how important they are for our comfort and health. Instead of fixing a problem once you spot it, prevent it from ever happening by:

Insulating Your Pipes

Raw pipes are no match for a tough Pennsylvania winter. If your pipes aren’t insulated, low temperatures can easily cause them to crack — and the only thing worse than having to fix a split pipe is having to fix a split pipe in the middle of the winter.

Reserving Pipes for Water and Water Only

While there are a few exceptions (i.e. toilet paper), water should be one of the only things running through your pipes. Hair, soap scum, food, and grease can all cause major clogs. But the good news is, it’s easy to prevent these things from falling down your shower or sink drain. A drain strainer is an easy-to-install covering that catches any and all particles.

Ditching the Chemical Cleaners

Chemical cleaners that promise to blast through dirt and grime may seem like a godsend when you’re facing a stubborn clog, but they’re actually doing more harm than good. Chemicals cleaners are actually too tough, meaning they’ll also eat away at the inside of your pipes, leaving them thin and frail. They can also pollute local watering holes.

Repairing Small Leaks ASAP

A drip here and a drip there may not seem like much, but that water is doing more damage than you think — to your home and your water bill. Not only can leaks cause water damage and mold growth, but they also waste thousands of gallons of fresh water each year.

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