Making Your Bathroom Safe for Seniors

Making Your Bathroom Safe for Seniors

Did you know that falls are one of the most common injuries seniors experience as they age? Did you also know that many of those injury-inducing falls occur in one’s own home and in their bathrooms? As your loved one celebrates more birthdays, they also may be at risk of getting injured simply by taking a trip to their bathroom.

That’s why you should take a few steps to modify your bathroom and make it safe for seniors.

Replace the Tub

Especially if they suffer from arthritis or limited mobility, it can be very hard (and painful) for seniors to move in and out of a bathtub. You should consider changing your traditional tub for a standing shower or a specially-designed model that allows seniors to sit in it. This way, they don’t have to put pressure on their joints and risk falling.

Install Stability Bars

Whether due to a lack of mobility or other issue, seniors can sometimes have trouble staying balanced in the shower. Not only do stability bars help seniors stay balanced, but they also help them in getting in and out of the shower.

Your senior loved ones could also benefit from having stability bars around toilets and next to the sink. Similarly to the shower, stability bars around your toilet help seniors rise and stand with less pain on their joints.

Make the Floors Non-Slip

In order to avoid the risk of your senior slipping in the bathroom, you should make the floors non-slip. Start by removing any loose rugs or securing them to the floor with non-slip pads. You should also add a non-slip matt to the shower or tub so there is a lesser risk for injury.

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