Myths About Heating Every Homeowner Should Know

Myths About Heating Every Homeowner Should Know

Think about all the little white lies your parents told you when you were younger: you couldn’t keep the lights in the car on while driving, eating carrots will give you night vision, and the Tooth Fairy leaves you money for every tooth your leave under your pillow.

While those are comical to think of now, as an adult, what if we told you there are still some lies you’re believing — and they’re even costing you money?!

Space Heaters Save You Money

While one or two space heaters can provide a little extra warmth and give your heating system a break, they’re not meant to be used as the main way to heat your home. In fact, since electricity tends to cost more than gas in many areas, if you’re running space heaters all over your home, you’re probably spending more on your energy bill.

Cranking the Thermostat Will Heat Your Home Faster

This one is so false! Your heating system pumps out warm air at the same pace no matter what the thermostat is set to. By cranking it up a few degrees, all you’re doing is forcing your system to work harder and longer to get to that new temperature.

Ceiling Fans are Only Useful in Summer

Nope! Contrary to what most people believe, ceiling fans don’t affect the temperature of air — just its movement. In winter, setting your ceiling fans to spin clockwise can actually push more warm air back down to your rooms so you feel more comfortable.

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