Places You’re Forgetting to Clean in Your Home

Places You’re Forgetting to Clean in Your Home

For a lot of people, spring doesn’t just means warmer weather — it means spring cleaning. While we’re sure you know pretty much all the regular spots to tidy up around your home, there are likely still a few places you’re missing. If you don’t clean away the dust bunnies and other dirt around your home, you’ll just end up breathing it all in. But don’t worry — you can always go back to the places you’re forgetting to clean.

Underneath Furniture

While you, of course, want to clean all the visible parts of your floors, you shouldn’t stop when you reach furniture. Make sure to sweep and/or vacuum under your couches, dressers, and beds.

While you’re at it, you should also consider cleaning the actual underside of upholstered furniture. A lot of dust and other allergens can be lingering in the fabric underneath your couch and bed, so vacuum them away when you clean the house.

On Top of Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets aren’t flush with the ceiling or you have china cabinets in your dining room, you may be surprised at how much dust and grime can collect on top of them. Use a microfiber cloth and a cleaning solution (that’s safe for the material your cabinets are made of) to wipe away all that dirt.


Yes, your plants. Believe it or not, both real and fake plants can collect dust. Give your real plants a quick rinse under your faucet or shower, or use a microfiber to wipe the dust off larger plants and fake ones.


As dust falls off other pieces of furniture in your home or settles from the air, it can find a home on your walls and baseboards. It’s important to regularly wipe down your baseboards to rid your home of all those allergy-inducing particles.

During your spring cleaning, don’t forget to change your AC’s air filters too! Clean air filters are essential for a well-working system. For all your AC needs in the greater Pittsburgh area, give the experts at Wahl a call!