Protecting Your Pets When Heating Your Home

Protecting Your Pets When Heating Your Home

Nowadays, your pet is more than just an animal who lives with you — she’s part of the family. This being the case, you want to factor in her comfort and safety just as you would a human member of the clan.

When it comes to heating your home, your pets require a little more consideration you may think in order to keep them safe from harm. Here’s how you should be protecting your pets when you have the heat running.

Factor in Breeds and Age

Your pet’s breed and age can have a big effect on how they respond to the way you heat your home. For example, if you have a husky or a Himalayan cat, their thick coats will help them retain more warmth, meaning that cranking the heat up can cause them to feel overheated. You may want to lower the temperature of your home in cases like these.

Additionally, older pets may have health problems that don’t allow them to regulate their body temperature as well as younger pets can. If you have a senior pet, consider keeping your home a bit warmer.

Block Off Hot Areas

If your home uses radiators in its heating system or you’re using space heaters to supplement your HVAC system, it would be a good idea to block off the area around these items so your pet doesn’t burn themselves. They won’t understand how hot those things can be and can easily get injured if they come too close to them.

Add a Humidifier

While the warm air in your home may help keep you comfortable, it also can create lower humidity that can irritate your pet’s skin and sinuses. Consider adding a humidifier to balance out the moisture levels in your home and keep your pet more comfortable and healthy.

When it comes to keeping your family comfortable this winter — pets included — trust the HVAC team at Wahl Family Heating to get the job done. From tune-ups to repairs, we have you covered!