Questions to Ask When Buying an Air Conditioner

Questions to Ask When Buying an Air Conditioner

School’s out, the beach is open and travel plans are beginning! Everyone loves the summer– or at least they do until the first big heat wave strikes. Don’t let the scorching summer days get you down. Make sure you’re prepared with a new air conditioning unit. But before you buy, here are some questions you should be asking a professional:

What Size A/C Do I Need?
When it comes to air conditioning units, bigger isn’t always better. Rather than focusing on the actual physical size of the unit, look at the size of the room, how many people are usually in it and if it’s in direct sunlight.

Is Energy Efficiency Really Important?
Short answer, yes! The energy efficiency rating will vary on every make and model, so while you don’t need the highest rated one, spending a little more upfront on an energy efficient unit will save you money in the long run – and it’s better for the environment!

Do I Want Extra Features?
Nowadays , most AC units come with a dehumidification function, which helps reduce the humidity in the air and is great for increasing cooling and comfort. If you’re looking for additional convenience, you may want to consider a unit with a remote, sleep timer and one with a low noise level — around 19 decibels.

How Long Will I Be Using It?
If you’re just looking for a quick way to cool off this summer, a cheaper unit will definitely do the trick. But if you’re looking for one to really last, invest in a more expensive and durable unit – it’s here that you’ll really see a return on your investment.

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