Scary Plumbing Scenarios

Scary Plumbing Scenarios

Halloween is upon us, so you know your home is going to filled with plenty of spooky things — fake spiderwebs, snacks decorated as brains, and candy that was scarily expensive. But the one thing that shouldn’t be terrifying in your home is your plumbing. There are a few lessons to be learned from these scary plumbing scenarios.

Scenario 1

You have guests stay over your house for the weekend, and each of them takes a shower in your bathroom. Shortly after they leave, you notice your tub looks like Cousin It just used it, but you let that hair flow down the drain. A few days later, your shower turns into a bath from how much water is pooling, and you realize you have a huge clog on your hands.

Lesson: Use a shower trap to catch stray hairs and skin flakes to avoid clogs in your bathtub.

Scenario 2

You tell your kids they can’t eat more than a few pieces of candy. Later that night, you discover they have belly-aches, and they both end up getting sick. But it gets worse — your toilet won’t flush the “sick,” so you’re left with a disgusting mess. After calling a plumber to unclog the toilet, he pulls up a mess of clumped-together candy wrappers.Turns out, the kids scarfed down as much candy as they could and flushed the wrappers to get rid of the evidence.

Lesson: Don’t flush anything besides toilet paper and human waste, and just hide the candy from the kids next time.

Scenario 3

The kids have a Halloween slumber party, so it’s time for the adults to have some fun. You invite some of your friends over and try out a recipe for “witches brew” that you found online. After a few glasses, everyone agrees that that potion is potent. You awake the next morning to discover that your garbage disposal isn’t working. Turns out that the witches brew put a spell on you that convinced you it was okay to toss paper cups and plates down the disposal.

Lesson: Be careful to only put certain food items into your garbage disposal, and maybe go easy on the “witches brew” next year.

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