Tankless Water Heaters Help Meet Holiday Demands

Tankless Water Heaters Help Meet Holiday Demands

As you get your home ready for holiday guests, your plumbing system can get pushed to the wayside. However, holiday guests can also put extra strain on your plumbing – especially if they’re spending the night (or the weekend). Just imagine how quickly you may run out of hot water if every cousin from out of town needs to shower before you all sit down for dinner!

Will you have enough hot water to handle all of your family and friends? A tankless water heater can help you meet holiday demands!

How Can Tankless Water Heaters Help?

Tankless water heaters differ from standard water heaters in that they heat your water as it is needed. While standards tanks heat and store a set amount of hot water, tankless water heaters offer an unlimited supply of hot water.

Not sure if your water heater can handle the holiday demand? Give us a call and learn more about the benefits of upgrading to a tankless water heater!

If you run into any problems with your heating system in the meantime, we also offer emergency repairs, even during the holidays. We offer 24/7 service to Pittsburgh, Mt. Lebanon, Cranberry Township, Ross Township, and the surrounding areas – so you will always have access to heating service and care all through the holiday season.