The Best Household Chores to Do for Mom

The Best Household Chores to Do for Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, which means you’re probably racking your brain for the perfect present for mom. While you can get her the latest electronic or a card from your local pharmacy, why don’t you give her the gift but she really wants: a day without household chores. These are some of the best chores you can do for mom that will truly make her Mother’s Day.

The Dishes

We don’t know many people who like scrubbing food off plates every night. Starting on Mother’s Day, take over dish duty a few times a week and give Mom a break from cleaning up after the family.


Mopping may seem easy, but it can really put a crick in your back. Save mom a backache, and mop the entire house yourself. Just make sure you’re using the right cleaning supplies as well as a mop that actually traps dirt instead of spreads it around.


You probably don’t realize how many spots in your home are prone to collecting dust. Rather than make Mom deal with the dust bunnies, grab a cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth and do it for her. Remember to work from the top of the house down in order to protect your indoor air quality and not have to do the same task twice.

Change Your HVAC Filter

This one is probably the easiest task on the list. Head to your local hardware store, pick up a new HVAC filter ( make sure it’s the same one that you currently have, if not a better model) and swap the old filter for the new. Like we said, very easy.

Fix the Leaky Faucet

Has mom been saying that the faucet in her bathroom has been leaking for a while? Spare her the annoyance and extra dollars on the water bill and have that leak repaired.

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