The Sad Signs Winter Has Arrived in Pittsburgh

The Sad Signs Winter Has Arrived in Pittsburgh

It’s that time of year again, folks. The time of year when all of Pennsylvania becomes one giant tundra of snow and ice. It’s winter! If you haven’t felt the chill in the air yet, these are a few signs winter has arrived that every Pittsburgh resident is sure to recognize.

You are a Pro at Cleaning Off Your Car

At this point, you’re barely even phased if you wake up in the morning, look out the window, and see your car under several inches, often feet, of snow. That’s mostly because, at this point, you’re a total pro at cleaning off your car and getting on the road in no time.

You Believe Shovels are for Amateurs

A mere shovel won’t help you clear your driveway of all the snow we get in Pittsburgh — only amateurs rely on those. You’re smart enough to know that the best way to get the job done is by using a snow blower.

Your Pets Won’t Go Outside

Just in the way you don’t want to step outside into the cold, your dog doesn’t either — and you completely understand that. Now is about the time you either invest in wee-wee pads, or you notice a small patch of yellow snow only inches away from your back door.

You’re Terrified of the Icicles on Your Home

With their huge size and dangerously pointed ends, you live in fear of those icicles, just waiting for the day that they fall straight onto you. (We seriously hope that never happens.)

You Still Don’t Know What to Expect

While most of the winter will bring freezing weather and plenty of snow, there’s no telling what Mother Nature will throw at you. One day could have you feeling as though you need to take permanent storm shelter and the next, you’ll be safe to go outside in just a light jacket.

Your Heating System is Your Best Friend

Your heating system is the only reason you can manage to come out from under the covers of your bed or go outside, since you’ll come home to a nice warm house.

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