Ways to Prevent a Christmas Plumbing Disaster

Ways to Prevent a Christmas Plumbing Disaster

While Christmas is the most wonderful time of year, the cold winter conditions and the extra guests at your home can also set you up for a possible plumbing disaster. Ensure there will be no plumbing issues to interfere with your holiday fun, by taking these preventative measures.

Prevent Sink Clogs

Family and friends may be eager to help with your Christmas dinner clean-up duties. While the extra help can be nice, make sure that they’re not haphazardly tossing food down the kitchen drain. Ask your guests to scrape excess food off of their plates into the garbage to avoid burning out your garbage disposal or clogging the drain. You might even want to set up a separate trash bin for all of the food waste.

Prevent Hot Water Depletion

Since the holiday time often brings extra visitors, you may be offering up a room or two in your house for friends or family. Be mindful of the additional showers and water usage that will be had during this time. Spacing out your showers, or turning your water off when it is not needed is a good way to ensure you have enough hot water to go around.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes are a sure-fire way to kill the holiday spirit. Homes that do not have sufficient insulation are at risk for frozen pipes. Ensure you have fully turned off all the outside taps which can be prone to dripping. You can also cover any exposed water pipes with basic pipe insulation to keep prevent them from freezing and causing big problems.

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