Ways to Save on Your AC Bill

Ways to Save on Your AC Bill

Temperatures keep rising as summer gets closer, and before you know, you’ll be trying to crank your AC way up to keep your home cool and comfortable. But without the right practices, cranking your AC could cost you a good chunk of change on your energy bill. Before you go throwing your entire paycheck out the window, follow these tips for ways to save on your AC bill.

Keep the AC Low at Night

Outdoor temperatures drop at night, and so should your AC. Turning it down while you’re sleeping will cause it to run less and not cost you as much on your bills.

Use Window Units

Don’t cool your entire home if you don’t have to. Window or portable units can use up to 50% less energy than central air systems.

Rearrange Your Furniture

If any of your furniture is blocking your AC vents, your unit will have to work harder to pump cold air throughout your home. Consider moving your couch, bed, or dresser to keep the space around your vents open.

Watch Your Lighting

Sure, turning off your indoor lighting helps reduce heat production, but how much light are you letting in via your windows? While the sun is shining onto your home, keep the shades closed to block heat from entering and counteracting your AC unit’s efforts.

Service Your Unit

The smallest amount of maintenance can have big benefits on your AC unit. Whether you do it yourself or call the pros, a simple vacuuming, filter change, or tune-up can make a world of difference in your unit’s efficiency and your AC bill.

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