What Does An AC Tune Up Include?

What Does An AC Tune Up Include?

Are you ready for warm summer days? We want to make sure that your air conditioning is ready too! Routine AC service is an important part of making sure that your cooling system is working efficiently (saving you money) and that it works when you need it most.

What is included in our precision cooling tune-up procedures?

Cooling Tune-Up Procedure:

  • Clean the outdoor condenser
  • Check/Clean condensate tubing and condensate drain
  • Test the compressor-start rotor amps and run load amps
  • Test the condenser fan motor and blade
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Test the capacitor(s)
  • Test Safety Controls
  • Adjust operating pressures
  • Test Refrigerant: Subcool/Superheat, Liquid Line, Suction Line
  • Test Refrigerant: Measure the temperature drop across the evaporator coil
  • Visual inspection of evaporator coil and line-set
  • Cycle unit from thermostat, test thermostat calibration
  • Measure indoor airflow
  • Inspect blower alignment
  • Test relative humidity levels (adjust blower according to customer needs)
  • Visual inspection on furnace: Inspect blower condition
  • Accessory Check
  • Safety Inspection: Electronically test for carbon monoxide & gas leaks
  • Safety Inspection: Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
  • Tag Emergency shut-off valves
  • Add or update service sticker

Contact our office if you have any questions about your home cooling system this spring. Our experienced HVAC technicians will help make sure that your system is working efficiently, as well as address any potential problems early on in the season. Call (412) 265-2662 to contact the professionals at Wahl Family Heating, Cooling & Plumbing.