What to Ask When You’re Purchasing Your First HVAC System

What to Ask When You’re Purchasing Your First HVAC System

When you’re a homeowner making the switch from a window AC system and portable space heaters to a proper HVAC system, a million questions could be running through your mind. Of course, you want to be as informed as possible before you make the decision of which system to install in your home, so here are some questions you should be asking your HVAC contractor.

What Size System Do I Need?

The size HVAC system you should install will depend on the size of your home as well as your individual heating and cooling needs. An improperly sized HVAC system can cost you more and utilities, so it’s important to have the right size installed.

Do I Need Central Air or a Ductless System?

What kind of system you get can depend on your comfort needs or personal preference. For some homes, central air can be more efficient, but for others, a ductless system may be the better option.

How is My Ductwork?

If the first HVAC system you purchase is replacing an old existing one, you should definitely have your ductwork inspected. For all you know, it could be filled with cracks and holes that allow air leaks and hike up your utility bills or be filled with dust and debris and need a good cleaning.

What is the Efficiency Rating?

Different systems have different efficiency ratings, depending on how they are made and how old they are. Newer systems have higher efficiency ratings. The higher the rating, the lower your utility bills can be, so you should aim to get the highest efficiency rating you possible.

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