What to Do If Your Furnace Suddenly Dies

What to Do If Your Furnace Suddenly Dies

One of the biggest fears many homeowners have this time of year is having their furnace die on them — and rightfully so. While this can typically be avoided through regular maintenance and tune-ups, sometimes, things can go wrong and you may be left wondering what to do.

If you find yourself with a dead furnace, here are a few steps you can take to ensure your safety and avoid being in the cold too long.

Make Sure You’re Safe

If you noticed that your furnace has suddenly shut off and won’t turn back on, the first thing you want to do is make sure that you and your family are safe. If it is an electrical furnace, check that none of the wires are frayed and could potentially cause a fire. If it’s a gas furnace, try to recognize if you notice any strange odors in your home. If either of these are the case, call your utility company right away and leave the house for your safety.

Check for Simple Issues

Perhaps your thermostat got knocked into and the setting changed Or your circuit breaker tripped and cut the power to your furnace. These issues can be easily resolved, allowing you to get your furnace working again and stay comfortable.

Prevent Pipe Freezes

If you don’t find a simple-to-fix reason as to why your furnace died, you’re going to want to take measures to prevent pipes from freezing. Open your faucets to allow for a slight, slow drip — the flowing water will help prevent the water from freezing.

Bundle Up

There’s nothing worse than getting into an ice-cold bed in the middle of winter, so bundle up and stay warm until you’re able to get an HVAC technician to your house to get your unit back up and running. Put on sweatpants, sweatshirts, thick socks, hats, and warm blankets to stay comfortable until you have heat again.

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