What You Should Never Flush down Your Toilet

What You Should Never Flush down Your Toilet

Have you seen any of the videos that show babies dropping daddy’s watch or mommy’s makeup down the toilet? Everyone thinks it’s so cute, right? Well, that’s a plumber’s worse nightmare. All he or she sees in those videos are clogs, damaged pipes, and messed up septic tanks. If you want to avoid all that plumbing mayhem, here’s what you should never flush down your toilet.

Oil, Fat, or Grease

Your disposal and sink using the same kind of pipes as your toilet, so if you wouldn’t pour it down that drain, don’t dump it in your toilet. Oil and grease will clog your pipes and lead to your toilet overflowing, and oh, what a mess that will be.


We don’t care what the package says – flushable does not mean flushable. Between baby wipes and the increasingly popular “adult wipes” these cloth demons are causing more and more clogs and backups in home and commercial sewers. If you must use them, just throw them out into a trash can.

Sanitary Products

We’re pretty sure these come with a “Do not flush” label to begin with, but people seem to flush them anyway. Feminine products and other sanitary items clog up your pipes and can be dangerous to the environment since they don’t decompose easily.


Common opinions would make you believe it’s safer to flush unused medication down the toilet, but actually, you’re doing more damage. Those pills contain ingredients that can be toxic to water supplies and wildlife, so never flush them down your toilet. Take them back to your pharmacy instead.

In reality, the only thing you should be flush down your toilet is human waste and toilet paper. That’s all.

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