Where Are the Best Places to Install Smoke Detectors?

Where Are the Best Places to Install Smoke Detectors?

When it comes to protecting your family and home, we’re sure you would take every step necessary to keep them safe. And while there are plenty of ways you can do that, an extremely simple way is to properly arm your home with smoke detectors. These little devices make a bigger difference than you may think, and believe it or not, there are best places to install smoke detectors.

Where are the Best Places to Install Smoke Detectors?

Your Bedrooms

It’s essential to have detectors in each bedroom of your home to detect smoke in these rooms as quickly as possible. And don’t just install them in bedrooms you use each night — guest bedrooms need them as well.

Outside the Bedrooms

Having smoke detectors outside the sleeping areas of your home can alert you before smoke seeps into your bedrooms, giving you more time to get up and out of your home to safety.

Your Kitchen

Forty-one percent of home fires start in the kitchen, so one of the best places to install smoke detectors is here.

Your Basement

If a fire starts in your basement, having a smoke detector there can warn you of danger well before the fire spreads to the rest of your home.

On Each Floor of Your Home

It’s best to cover all your bases when it comes to fire and smoke safety. On floors that don’t have bedrooms, some of the best places to install smoke detectors are your den or family room — spots people often relax in.

Pro Tips:

  • Make sure you’re using smoke detectors that have been tested in a reputable lab.
  • Don’t install then near windows or doors — drafts can interfere with their operation.
  • Installing dual-sensor alarms will give you better protection from different types of fires.
  • Interconnecting your alarms is safer than having stand-alone alarms since one alarm going off will trigger the others in the house.
  • Make sure to test your smoke alarms regularly.

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