Why Do My Drains Keep Getting Clogged?

Why Do My Drains Keep Getting Clogged?

Few things are grosser than standing in a pool of dirty, soapy water while you take a shower because your drain isn’t getting rid of the water fast enough. Okay, maybe one thing is worse — having to reach into a sink full of murky water and food scraps for the same reason. If your drains keep getting clogged like this, there are a few things you can do to keep them clear.

Why Do My Drains Keep Getting Clogged?

Your Tub:

Why It Clogs: Soap scum, hair, dirt, and skin flakes can stick the walls of your pipes and end up clumping together and forming a clog.

How to Prevent Clogs: Get a hair trap. This simple little device will catch hair and skin flakes before they have the chance to flow down your drain and cause a clog. All you need to do is clean the trap each time you shower.

Your Toilet:

Why It Clogs: You may be putting too much toilet paper into the bowl flushing, or you could be flushing things you shouldn’t down there.

How to Prevent Clogs: Limit how much toilet paper you use with each flush and avoid tossing anything besides human waste and toilet paper into the bowl — this means feminine hygiene products, dental floss, cotton swabs, and any type of wipes.

Your Kitchen:

Why It Clogs: Cooking oil or grease, soap scum, and food particles can cake onto your walls of your pipes and form a gunky clog.

How to Prevent Clogs: Never pour grease or oil down your drain — let it solidify first and throw it into the trash. Also, avoid having food particles flow down your drain by wiping food into the trash before places dishes into your sink.

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