Why Is My Garbage Disposal Not Working?

Why Is My Garbage Disposal Not Working?

Your garbage disposal can be a huge help in the kitchen when it comes to keeping things clean. But if your disposal stops working on you, you’re probably going to start futzing around with it to figure out what’s gone wrong. Before you start playing Handy(wo)man, try troubleshooting why your garbage disposal is not working by checking these common problem areas.

If Your Garbage Disposal Won’t Turn On

First, make sure it’s plugged in — you’d be surprised how often this is the issue. If it is, try resetting the disposal. If that doesn’t work, the problem may be the breaker, in which case, you may have to replace the switch.

If Your Garbage Disposal Is Humming

If you tried resetting the disposal with no luck, the flywheel is probably stuck due to a foreign object being lodged between the wheel or the impellers. You can sometimes fix this by shutting off the disposal and using the wrench or a broom handle to turn the flywheel and dislodge the object. But remember — NEVER put your hand in the disposal!

If Your Garbage Disposal Is Leaking

Your disposal may leak due to a loose sink flange, dishwasher connection, or discharge pipe. This can typically be fixed by tightening the bolts around these connections. If the hose or bolts are damaged, replacing them should stop the leaks.

If Your Garbage Disposal Drains Slowly

This typically happens because the drain line connected to your disposal is clogged. You’ll have to have the line disconnected to clear the clog. Whatever you do, do not use chemical drain cleaners to try and clear the clog, as these don’t work and will just fill your sink with toxic chemicals.

If you’re still having issues troubleshooting why your garbage disposal is not working, or you would rather have a professional taking a look at your unit, trust the plumbing experts at Wahl Family Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing. We’ve been serving the Pittsburgh metro area since 1989, so you know you can trust us to help you and your family with any plumbing problems you have. For more information or to schedule a service, call us at (412) 265-2662.