Why You Should Let an HVAC Expert Determine What AC You Need

Why You Should Let an HVAC Expert Determine What AC You Need

When it comes to appliance shopping, picking out an AC is a lot harder than shopping for toaster or microwave. This is going to be the system responsible for keeping you and your family comfortable throughout the summer. If it’s not the best fit for your home, you’re going to have bigger problems than just unpopped popcorn. So how do you determine what AC you need? Well, you shouldn’t — you should let the experts do that. There are several reasons why you should let an HVAC expert determine what AC you need in your home.

They can determine the proper size you need.

HVAC experts make it their mission to determine what size AC is needed to cool your home. Many homeowners end up with units that are too big or too small and then get high energy bills because that unit works too hard cooling the house. Experts can use square footage methods to determine what size AC is best for your home.

They can take outside factors into account.

Besides just using square footage, HVAC experts also take note of things like doors and window gaps, your ideal comfort level, and the area surrounding your home when determining what AC you need. For example, if your home is heavily shaded by trees, you may not need as big of a unit as square footage methods would suggest — but only an expert will know how big of a difference that can make.

They can install your unit properly and successfully.

How your unit is installed can account for 75% of how it runs. Once your HVAC expert determines what AC is best for your home, he or she can install it properly and save you from any safety concerns that may arise if you tried to install the unit yourself.

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