Why You Should Never Wash Your Dog in Your Bathtub

Why You Should Never Wash Your Dog in Your Bathtub

If you’re like most people, your dog is a true member of your family. You treat him just as well as you would your own children and make sure he is always happy and healthy. This inevitably leads some people to bathe their dog in the same place they bathe themselves, and we have one thing to say about that — cut it out. There are plenty of reasons why you should never wash your dog in your bathtub.

Your dog’s hair clogs the drain.

It’s one thing when soap scum and human hair end up going down the drain. It’s another when it’s dog hair. Dogs have thicker hair than we do, making it much more likely to clog your drain.

Your dog could hurt itself.

If your dog isn’t a huge fan of water, he could easily freak out during bath time and end up slipping or try to jump out of the tub and hurt itself.

Your dog could hurt your shower head.

Same scenario as before: your dog does not take bath time lightly. If he tries to jump out of the tub, he could easily get tangled in the shower head chord and end up ripping it out from the wall.

Your dog could hurt your faucet.

Just as easily as your dog could hurt your showerhead, he could knock into your bathtub faucet and knock it clean off the wall. (We’re not making this stuff up — we’ve seen it.)

The best way to give your dog a bath is to do so outside with your hose or to send him to a professional groomer whose plumbing is built to handle their fur.

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