Why You Should Schedule Your Furnace Tune-Up Early

Why You Should Schedule Your Furnace Tune-Up Early

When the sunny, summer weather is sticking around in Pittsburgh, the last thing you’ll probably want to think about is incoming cold weather and the measures you’re going to have to take to keep yourself warm in a few months. However, you’re better off getting a head start on that and scheduling your furnace tune-up early. Why? We can think of a few reasons.

Beat the Rush

If you wait until the temperature starts to drop, like so many do, you’ll likely end up having to wait longer for a tune-up since your HVAC team will have a busier schedule to fit you into and may have less flexibility to fit around your schedule. By scheduling your tune-up early, you can beat the rush and have your furnace working before it gets too cold out.

Catch Problems Sooner

Rather than be faced with a problem that needs repairing once temperatures have dropped, by having your furnace tune-up done early, those repairs can be done before you really need your furnace up and running.

What’s more is that, if your furnace needs to be replaced entirely, you won’t have to go without heat and shiver in the cold while you wait for a new unit to be installed. Early tune-ups can be done while it’s still warm outside.

Ready for Any Weather

We all know that Pennsylvania weather can drastically change at the drop of a hat. So if the temperature outside drops overnight, you’ll want to know that your furnace is ready and safe to turn on. The best way to do that? An early tune-up!

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