Why You Should Upgrade Your AC

Why You Should Upgrade Your AC

When it comes to your cooling system, you probably know that the best comfort comes from the best system. While your current system may be working just well enough to keep your home cool in the summer, why would you settle for just good enough? If you want truly efficient comfort, you should upgrade your AC.

Why You Should Upgrade Your AC

Government Compliance

Since there is a push to reduce the amount of energy we use, the government has ruled that all new AC systems have a SEER rating (efficiency rating) of at least 13. Many older AC units don’t have a rating higher than 10, meaning they are very inefficient, while newer units can have a rating as high as 23.

In order to be compliant and reduce your energy usage, you should upgrade your AC to a system with a higher SEER rating.

Increased Savings

When you have an AC system that is more efficient, it doesn’t use as much energy to cool your home. And since it doesn’t use as much energy, it won’t run up your utility bills like an old, less efficient system might.

You can also upgrade your AC system from window units to ductless units or central air, both of which are more efficient than the former and could create big savings depending on your home’s individual cooling needs.

Tax Credit & Rebates

When you upgrade your AC to a high-efficiency, Energy Star-rated system, you can receive tax credits from the federal government after yoru purchase. Some local and state governments also offer rebates for higher efficiency systems, so while it may be initially expensive to upgrade your system, with the combined tax credits, rebates, and utility savings, it makes it all worth it.

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