Winterizing Your Home Plumbing

Winterizing Your Home Plumbing

Winter is coming, so that means it’s time to stock up on hot cocoa mix, break out your heavy coats, and start getting your home ready to handle the cold weather. One of the biggest areas of your home that can take a hit from the low temperatures of this season is your pipes and plumbing. In order to protect your home, you need to start winterizing your home plumbing. winterizing-your-home-plumbing-wahl-family-heating-cooling-plumbing

Insulate your Pipes

A huge problem we see in winter is frozen pipes. To protect against this, insulate your pipes using polyethylene or fiberglass tubes. If you’re making this a DIY project, make sure to be extra careful working on any pipes that have been repaired in the last year or so, as these are more susceptible to damage.

Let Outside Faucets Drip

Normally we argue any kind of faucet drip, but winter calls for exceptions. To prevent outside faucets and pipes from freezing, allow there to be a small, steady drip. This prevents any pressure buildup between the faucet and a freeze and can save a pipe from bursting.

Fix Exterior Cracks

If you notice that there are any holes or crack in the outside walls or foundation, fill them with caulk or foam insulation so cold air outside doesn’t get into your home as easily and affect your pipes.

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